Very high electricity prices – this is how you protect yourself

We are facing an autumn and winter with the risk of very high electricity prices. Here is current information about the electricity price situation and what you can do to protect your finances.

We understand your concern about electricity prices! Last winter, galloping costs led to multiple electricity costs for many customers and subscribers. We are now facing an autumn and winter when the risk is unfortunately great that electricity prices will reach even higher heights.

Save energy with new habits

The cheapest kilowatt-hour is the one that is not used! You can do more than you think to save more electricity and more money than you think and see the difference already tomorrow. What we can do to influence our electricity costs is to reduce our energy consumption.

Why are electricity prices so high?

The anxiety in the market is currently very high with very large price fluctuations from day to day and from hour to hour. Prices fluctuate both up and down, but from a historically high price level. The energy situation in Europe as a whole is very strained. See historical prices for electricity in the UK.

The most important reasons for high electricity prices right now:

The uncertainty surrounding the availability of gas and coal from Russia. Gas and oil prices currently have a major impact on electricity prices. Reduced access to nuclear power, from and to a little windy and thus reduced production of wind power electricity.

Review your warm-up

For most households, heating accounts for the largest part of electricity consumption. By switching to a more efficient heating solution, you can save a lot of electricity and thus a lot of money. And: the higher the electricity prices, the faster you can recoup the investment. The fastest and easiest way for many is to invest in a new heat pump.

There is a lot of talk about hourly rate agreements right now as a new way to reduce your electricity costs. The basic idea is that you use as much electricity as possible when electricity is cheapest. With an hourly price agreement, you get an electricity price per hour instead of per month. You pay the price of electricity exactly when you use it, every single hour. Hourly price agreements suit you who live in a villa or terraced house and can control and plan your electricity consumption for the low price hours.

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