Global research from ABB E-Mobility shows: Children drive the future of electric vehicles

Children are already driving the electric car revolution even though they are not yet allowed to drive themselves, a new global survey shows. ABB E-Mobility, the world leader in electric vehicle charging solutions, has conducted research that shows that children not only educate parents on environmental issues and rebuke them when they behave in an unfriendly way, but also contribute to discussions around larger purchases, for example electric vehicles.

  • Children play an important role in accelerating the transition to electric cars, shows a study from ABB E-Mobility ahead of World EV Day.
  • Almost 60 percent of parents say they are educated about environmental issues by their children, and over two-thirds discuss electric car purchases with them
  • Despite an increasing demand, almost half of parents say that their employer’s policy does not support the transition to electric cars

Other questions raised in the survey show both the pace of the changeover to electrification and in which areas work remains to be done. Almost 8 out of 10 parents say they would be more likely to buy a particular property if there was an electric vehicle charger installed – such as ABB’s Terra AC charging box – which shows how important it is to facilitate easy and convenient charging.

Ev Car Charger

That children are interested in the environment is a matter of time and it is something positive and shows that we can influence the new generation in a positive direction when it comes to the incredibly important environmental issue we are facing today. We all know that electric cars are important, but how can we switch to electric cars if we don’t have a good enough charging infrastructure for electric cars. Therefore, these young voices can be the melody of the future.

As a parent myself, I want to return a clean planet to my children and who better lobbyists for this than my own children.

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